Welcome to our brand new website!

Welcome to our brand new website! We would like to invite you to have a good look around.

everGREEN wastewater is the resultant brand birthed after the merging of a number of prominent, established and credible companies, all of whom were built on the principle of exceptional customer service – collective leaders in the wastewater treatment industry.

Our team strives to provide the best quality products, supported by uncompromising service. Our focus is your peace of mind for your family when it comes to a cleaner and greener home environment, with reliability when and where it counts.

We have chosen the name “everGREEN” to represent our vision on a number of different levels.

We are here to stay! It is our intention to be around long after any manufacturers’ warranties have expired, a long term service and customer support ideology – this is the foundation of who we are.

The end result of our team’s endeavours is without fail a lush and (ever)GREEN environment, this being constantly fed by crystal clear water, day in day out.

We are also interested in actively promoting environmental sustainability on all levels – it is our vision that our environment will remain “everGREEN” for many years to come, to be enjoyed by our (and your) children, grandchildren and beyond!

Finally – we just like the colour!