Here are a few tips to keep handy, in case you have any of these problems occur in the future. However always feel free to call us at anytime if a problem persists, or if you would like to speak to one of our staff immediately.

Please note: If you have a single alarm light system, and the light comes on, both the water and air light problems may be relevant.

Water Light Kinked Irrigation Pipe –Blocked Sprinkler/inline filter Un-kink pipe or remove sprinkler temporarily.If you have removable turf keys-make sure they are engaged (push down hard) clear/clean filter or lines.
Water Light Overload of Water
Eg. Party or Spa
Wait until pump finishes pumping out.
Water Light Pump Failure Call everGREEN wastewater
Water Light Thunderstorm Turned Off Circuit Breaker Reset Circut Breaker*. If Circuit Breaker does not RESET call everGREEN wastewater. If circuit breaker resets, wait 30 minutes for light to turn OFF. If light stays ON call everGREEN wastewater. *NOTE: Do not attempt to do this more than twice (DO NOT hold the breaker ON either), as this may cause an electrical overload and/or system failure.
Air Light Aerator Failure Check for usual “quiet hum” from system. Call and report to everGREEN wastewater.
Odour From System Aerator Failure Check for usual “quiet hum” from system. If there is no “hum”, call everGREEN wastewater. If there is a “quiet hum” go to next step below.
Odour From System Cleaning Product Contamination Check products and discuss with everGREEN wastewater.
Odour From System Overload If larger number of guests or party taking place, remove sprinklers from irrigation pipe. Most domestic systems are 10 person systems therefore odour will disappear following overload.
Alarm on during Heavy Rain Water entering tank Allow to correct once system pumps out. If ALARM is still on call everGREEN wastewater.

If your treatment system has failed please limit your water usage until the problem has been rectified (only essential water usage like toilets, short showers, do not use washing machine / dishwasher etc).